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Embark on an amazing and memorable experience with our transparent see-through Kayaks,have a workout as you explore the coral reef and marine life as you paddle along the turquoise crystal clear waters of Kendwa.Kendwa beach has been awarded the 4th best beach in the world for its absolutely stunning clear...

Per person ( price inclusive of snorkelling gear + tropical fruits) Mnemba Island, an island off the northeast coast of Zanzibar, is one of the best places in Zanzibar Islands to go snorkeling. This trip also includes a dolphin tour because the dolphins are on the way to mnemba island...

Private boat - 100$ per boat Tumbatu Island, located off the coast of Zanzibar in Tanzania, is known for its clear waters and rich marine life, making it a popular destination for snorkeling.The shallow waters around the island are perfect for snorkeling, and you can see a variety of marine...

15$ for 1 hour or 8$ for 30 minutes


30$ for 15 minutes or 60$ for 30 minutes

Jetski (30 mins) Transparent clear kayaks (30 mins) Waterbikes (30 mins) Standup paddle board (1 hour)

Mnemba snorkeling & dolphin tour (half day)  Tumbatu snorkeling trip Baraka Turtle aquarium Sunset cruise

In the north of Zanzibar, you can find one of the natural lagoon full of sea turtles. In Baraka Aquarium they are buying the turtles, caught by fishermen and they are releasing them back to the fresh ocean water in the lagoon. Use the unique opportunity to swim with sea...

This is a new experience in Zanzibar, the water bicycles are just like any other normal bicycles but on the water.They have 2 pontoons on each side making it float and there is a propeller connected to the paddles that make the water bike move at amazing speeds. They are...

Sunset cruise Step in our local dhow vessel, relax and let us sail you away on a magical sunset cruise to end your day. Our sunset cruises leave from Kendwa beach in the late afternoon at 16:30pm - 18 :30 pm you will be cruising and sailing along the coast...

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